Chlorophyll Reprocessed

Dataset Name Sensor Make Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Start Date End Date
Chlorophyll Reprocessed sat Observation 25km X 25km 8 Days 1998-01-01 2018-06-26

Dataset Description

The Chlorophyll_REP dataset in CMAP is a global 25km X 25km 8 day averaged product, with a temporal coverage from 1998-01-01 through 2018-06-26. This product is a satellite derived chl_a estimate for the global ocean, provided by the Ocean Colour Thematic Center at the Copernicus Marine environment monitoring service ([CMEMS]( The dataset is generated from ESA and NASA satellite missions, specifically from SeaWiFS, MODIS-Squa, MERIS, VIIRSN and OLCI-S3A. This level 4 dataset was created by linking multiple satellite ocean color observations into a gridded space-time interpolated cloud free dataset. In-situ and multi-mission validation and QA details can be found on page 15 of the Ocean Colour Production Center [Quality Information Document](

In 2018, CMEMES adopted a re-processing of SeaWifs, MODIS-Aqua, VIIRS-N data. In addition to this, the chlorophyll retrieval algorithm was switched to the Hu/CI algorithm for oligotrophic waters and the OC5 algorithm for coastal areas. These algorithmic changes not only improve chlorophyll detection rates, but also bring CMEMS inline with other NASA Ocean Color product processing techniques. Details on the ocean color algorithms can be found [here](

The CMEMS internal name for this dataset is: OCEANCOLOUR_GLO_CHL_L4_REP_OBSERVATIONS_009_082.

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Data provided by: E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information

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Saulquin, B., Gohin, F, Odile Fanton d’Andon Interpolated fields of satellitederived multi-algorithm chlorophyll-a estimates at Global and European scales in the frame of the European Copernicus-Marine

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