Global Cyanobacteria (Flombaum)

Dataset Name Sensor Make Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Start Date End Date
Global Cyanobacteria (Flombaum) cruise Observation Irregular Irregular 1987-09-17 2008-11-10

Dataset Description

The Global Cyanobacteria dataset in CMAP was compiled by Flombaum et al. It contains global observations of prochlorococcus and synechococcus abundance. The dataset consists of collections from 103 total cruises, sampling in every major ocean region. Due to their weak auto-fluoresence, only flow cytometry cell counts were used for prochlorococcus. Flow cytometry and microscope counts of synechococcus were included.

The specific cruises used to compile the datasets are listed by the authors in the supporting information for the reference paper. (

Table of Variables

Data Source

Data provided by Pedro Flombaum et al. and is available at

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