KM1906 Gradients 3 Underway TSG

Dataset Name Sensor Make Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Start Date End Date
KM1906 Gradients 3 Underway TSG cruise Observation Irregular One Second 2019-04-10 13:22:07 2019-04-29 22:08:08

Dataset Description

Near-surface temperature and salinity data for Gradients III (April 9th – 29th, 2019) were acquired through the use of a thermosalinograph (THSL) system aboard the research vessel (R/V) Kilo Moana (KM). Data were acquired every second and water samples were taken over the duration of the cruise for calibration of the THSL conductivity cell. Navigation data (latitude, longitude, and ships speed) were recorded throughout the cruise every ten seconds. The THSL data were interpolated at the navigation data times.

Table of Variables

Data Source

White lab - University of Hawaii

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