KOK1606 Gradients 1 Optical Underway

Dataset Name Sensor Make Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Start Date End Date
KOK1606 Gradients 1 Optical Underway cruise Observation Irregular Irregular 2016-04-19 21:24:00 2016-05-04 04:41:07

Dataset Description

LISST underway (~ 7m) optical measurements on KOK1606, processed using spherical kernel inversion and corrected for background particle concentrations as in White et al (2015) GRL. Volume to carbon concentrations obtained using Menden-Deuer and Lassard 2000 equation for non-diatom protists. Generated by Prof. Dr. Angelicque A. White, University of Hawaii, aewhite@hawaii.edu

Table of Variables

Data Source

White Lab - University of Hawaii

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