Global Picophytoplankton (Buitenhuis)

Global Distributions of Picophytoplankton Abundance and Biomass

Dataset Name Sensor Make Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Start Date End Date
Global Picophytoplankton (Buitenhuis) cruise Observation Irregular Irregular 1987-06-27 2011-08-03

Dataset Description

This dataset is a collection of Picophytoplankton abundances and biomass measurements from 75 cruises and stations around the global ocean. It contains flow cytometry derived abundance measurements for prochlorococcus, synenchoccous and picoeukaryotes as as well as total picophytoplankton abundance and biomass. The specific cruise names used to compile the dataset are listed in Table 1. of the authors paper. Conversion factors from cell abundance to carbon biomass are listed in Table 2. (

Note: 20229 of the total 40946 data points were excluded from the original dataset due to invalid dates. The raw dataset can be found at

Table of Variables

Data Source

Data provided by Buitenhuis et al. and is available at

How to Acknowledge

Buitenhuis, Erik Theodoor; Li, William K W; Vaulot, D; Lomas, Michael W; Landry, M R; Partensky, Frédéric; Karl, David Michael; Ulloa, Osvaldo; Campbell, L; Jacquet, Stéphan; Lantoine, F; Chavez, Francisco P; Macias, D; Gosselin, M; McManus, George B (2012): Global distributions of picophytoplankton abundance and biomass - Gridded data product (NetCDF) - Contribution to the MAREDAT World Ocean Atlas of Plankton Functional Types. PANGAEA,

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