Particulate Cobalamins for the KM1314 Cruise

Dataset Name Sensor Make Spatial Resolution Temporal Resolution Start Date End Date
Particulate Cobalamins for the KM1314 Cruise cruise Observation Irregular Irregular 2013-08-11 10:35:58 2013-09-04 17:05:20

Dataset Description

This dataset contains cobalamin and pseudocobalamin concentrations sampled from the KM1314 Cruise. Sampled particulate material (> 0.2µm) were analyzed for cobalmins using an organic solvent extraction paired with LC-MS. Details of this process can be found in Heal et al. 2014. The KM1314 cruise abroad the R/V Kilo Moana traveled from Seattle to the North Pacific and then South to Honolulu.

Table of Variables

Data Source

Data provided by the Ingalls Lab - University of Washington

How to Acknowledge

Methodology: Heal, K. R., Carlson, L. T., Devol, A. H., Armbrust, E. V., Moffett, J. W., Stahl, D. A., & Ingalls, A. E. (2014). Determination of four forms of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins in seawater by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 28(22), 2398-2404.

Data: Heal, K. R., Qin, W., Ribalet, F., Bertagnolli, A. D., Coyote-Maestas, W., Hmelo, L. R., … & Ingalls, A. E. (2017). Two distinct pools of B12 analogs reveal community interdependencies in the ocean. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(2), 364-369.

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